Transit Alternatives to Mid-County Highway Extended

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  • Best Transportation Improvements for MidCounty Corridor Area
    Best Transportation Improvements for MidCounty Corridor Area
    Click/Tap to View TAME Coalition’s 3-Part Series: The Case for Cancelling Midcounty Highway Extended (M-83) and Investing in More Effective and Sustainable Alternatives The Environmental and Economic Case for Removing Midcounty Highway Extended (M-83) from the Master Plan of Highways & Transitways Best Transportation Improvements...
  • Montgomery County Creek
    Mid-County Highway Extended Road Alignment Does NOT Align with Montgomery County’s Values
    Montgomery County and its leadership pride themselves on progressive values and present Montgomery County as a shining example of a local government that promotes innovative and creative strategies to improve quality of life for all residents. Montgomery County government agencies and officials often speak of...
  • Montgomery County Creek
    The Environmental & Economic Case for Removing MidCounty Highway Extended
    This M-83 publication compiled by the Coalition for Transit Alternatives to Mid-County Highway Extended (TAME) brings together eight reports that demonstrate why the essential flaws in M-83, the original master plan alignment route, lead to this recommendation: Remove M-83 from the Master Plan of Highways...
  • Flowers
    The Case for Cancelling The Midcounty Highway Extended (M-83)
    Our report analyzes how the M-83 master plan alignment compares to a transit-based alternative in meeting the transportation needs of Upcounty residents, and the costs and benefits of those alternatives....
  • Public Forum
    Public Forum Sponsored by TAME & CSG: Modern Transit for Upcounty Montgomery
    Residents of Germantown and Clarksburg face challenging commutes, and there's only so much money available for fixes. Officials have talked about various projects including I-270, M-83 Midcounty Highway, the Corridor Cities Transitway, and another bus rapid transit route along Route 355. Choices will have to...

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  • Protecting the last remaining high bio-diverse wetlands, interior forests and stream valleys in Upper Montgomery County, Maryland.
  • Preserving well-established residential neighborhoods in Montgomery Village, Gaithersburg and Germantown.
  • Protecting Dayspring Silent Retreat Center from noise pollution.
  • Supporting a fundamental change in balanced transportation planning.
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