Transit Alternatives to Mid-County Highway Extended


Commentary by Royce

We are at a defining moment in setting our course for the future of our county.  We must connect our urban centers by rapid bus and rail transit systems and accelerate construction of the Corridor Cities Transitway and the Purple Line.  We can convert the major artierial roads that now divide our centers into three-lined boulevards that unify them.  And let’s connect our built environment to the natural environment by the hiking and biking trails in our stream valley parks.  Achieving connectivity in great places

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Voices of TAME – Stedwick Homes Corp

STEDWICK HOMES CORPORATION 10120 APPLE RIDGE ROAD Montgomery Village, Maryland 20886-1000 (301) 948-0110, FAX (301) 990-7071 Greg Hwang Midcounty Corridor Project Study Manager 100 Edison Park Drive 4th Floor Gaithersburg, MD 20878 Dear Mr. Hwang: I am writing on behalf of the Stedwick Homes Corporation Board of Directors, which represents a community of 1260 homes with approximately 4,000 residents in Montgomery Village. The Stedwick Homes Corporation Board of Directors wishes to inform you of our strong opposition to Alternatives 8 and 9 of the

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M-83 is High Risk for Watkins Mill Elementary School Children

Getting Air Standards Prioritized (G.A.S.P.) is an ad-hoc study group formed to evaluate M-83 proposals.  This commentary is limited to the risk of M-83 aggravating respiratory problems among WMES students, setting aside the separate important consideration of risks to residents residing in nearby homes, school staff, faculty and sports organizations that use the ball fields.  The study cites statements and conclusions found from studies published in peer-reviewed medical and public health journals evaluating the causal relationship between auto air emmisions and aggravation of respiratory illness

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McDOT Watch

Contractors for McDOT are making their rounds along the various alternatives to “evaluate potential measures to avoid, minimize and mitigate any impacts to YOUR property.”  The consulting companies sited along the route are: RK&K Engineering, Straughan Environmental, Elizabeth Anderson Comer Archaeology, and Paula Reed and Associates.  Their most recent visit has been to Dayspring Retreat Center in mid-Nov, where alternatives 8 & 9 were in their sights. We’ll keep you better informed through McDOT Watch when similar studies are being done in your neighborhood.  Here are three recommendations when noticing M-83 contractors along

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Which Do You Choose? Going Green or Going Black?

Going Green                     Vs                    Going Black When everyone else is “going green”, the County is going “black” by continuing to spend millions on ‘studying’ M-83 – a road designed after the U.S. Interstate Highway System of the 1950s, whose time has past.  The Montgomery Village Transportation Policy supports Alternative 1 (transit); Alternative 2 (high tech way of moving traffic); and Alternative 5 (improvements and some widening to

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Stakeholders Agree to Speak w/ One Voice

We are adding more names daily to the TAME Coalition’s Support List.  Our consensus is – no one’s backyard should be paved over by a road whose time for building has past.   The surveyor’s satellite stick marks the center of the road if M-83 were to be built.  The rolled up papers in the man’s hand (center) are the architectural drawings for M-83. Others in the photo are from RK&K Engineering, Park and Planning, and an environmental agency. Join us

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M-83 Madd Jingle #1

Don’t be a stranger,  help keep our parks and neighborhoods out of danger!  ~Maddy Join Us

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MV and Goshen Residents Cry Foul

We were in attendance w/ more than 200 people as we packed into Goshen Elementary School for the County’s presentation on the Midcounty Corridor Study.  We are not going to allow this road to be built through our neighborhoods!  We urge each of you to join us to stop the building of M-83. Join Us

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Welcome to TAME Coalition

We have this new blog and website where you can come to follow the latest developments of this important citizen action.  Let us know if you’d like to become a “post’er” and post your own stories of progress, or ideas, or calls to action (and try to include a photo).  We’d like to get photos and stories of all our developments. If you’re not ready to post yourself, please do add your voice by “commenting” on the various posts and help build the community.  Thank

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