Transit Alternatives to Mid-County Highway Extended

Joining TAME: Roger Berliner, Council Member District 1

Roger Berliner (District 1) becomes the fifth Montgomery County Council Member to publicly join TAME Coalition in our mission to support a fundamental change in transportation planning by advocating for mass transit development instead of building M83.

 Roger taking part in the debate hosted by the Bethesda Civic Coalition, the Edgemoor Citizens Association, and the Downtown Bethesda Condominium Association.
Roger Berliner, Council Member District 1

As Chairman of Montgomery County’s Transportation, Infrastructure, Energy & Environment (T&E) Committee, Roger directed the following statement to staff members of MoCo’s Dept of Transportation:

It’s been part of my own goal, with respect to our county’s approach to transportation, to move into a “transit-first orientation”. This [Mid-County Highway Extended (M-83)] is a project that would consume a lot of dollars, in a world in which we don’t have a lot of dollars. 

From my perspective, what we [council staff and Roger] have been discussing, but not yet finalized, is some assurance that we have looked at every transit option in this corridor, prior to our getting a recommendation [from MCDOT] with respect to this project. 

Join Tame Coalition as we work with citizens, organizations and government to build Transit Alternatives to Mid-County Highway Extended.