Transit Alternatives to Mid-County Highway Extended

Metro Momentum as a Transit Alternative to Mid-County Highway Extended


Metro’s Momentum plan will bring vital capacity improvements to the existing Metro system through 2025, and add big projects through 2040.

Check out our 3-minute video explaining Momentum — and if you agree we need Momentum, send an email to your elected officials. >>

If you’re still not sure we NEED Momentum, consider these numbers:

  • To move as many people into the city without Metro and Momentum we would need the equivalent of 16-18 new lanes of freeway and 30,000 new downtown parking spaces
  • The capacity increases in Momentum will take 135,000 cars from the region’s roads — saving drivers about 25 million hours of sitting in traffic and $130 million  each year.
  • The cost of building Momentum ($1.50/trip) is far cheaper per trip than widening I-270 ($7.50/trip) or I-66 ($3.50)

We’ve heard from many of you about your daily frustrations with WMATA. Without Momentum to provide more railcars, buses and other improvements, and without funding commitments soon, we’ll be in much worse shape than we are right now.

We need to reinvest in our Metro and build it for the future. That is why we support Momentum. We hope you will, too. >>

PS – Still have questions about Momentum? Send them to us, and we’ll answer the most common ones in an upcoming email.

Thank you,

Aimee Custis
Coalition for Smarter Growth

Join TAME Coalition as we work with organizations and government to bring Transit Alternatives to Mid-County Highway Extended.

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