Transit Alternatives to Mid-County Highway Extended

M-83 Walks through Montgomery Village

Join Us as TAME Coalition raises public awareness showing Montgomery Village residents what they will lose if Mid-County Highway Extended (M-83) is constructed.

1) Walk By The Woods 2014Saturday, March 1st – 1:30pm (easier walk on paths, parking lots)
2) “Waggle” Through The Woods 2014: Sat, March 1st – 1:30pm  (woody, uneven ground)
3) A Walk Along the West Edge of the Village 2014: Sat, March 15th – 1:30pm (grassy and woody uneven ground)
4) Rain-dates on Sat, March 8th & 22nd, respectively
Sign-up begins at 12:30pm at South Valley Park (parking spaces for walk also at South Valley Park)

Click here for link to: for full description on Walks in Montgomery Village and to pre-register your group on line.

  • M-83 Walks through Montgomery Village in March 2014

What will you do to help? We hope you’ll Join Us.

On all three Walks, Montgomery Village residents will see the location of their homes, property and community, in relation to the destruction caused by proposed M-83.  Match the circled numbers on the map to the corresponding numbers on the (below) Legend.

Map Legend: 

Red Line in middle of map is proposed 6-lane M-83 highway.

  1. Christopher Court Condos
  2. Normandie I and II Condos
  3. Breckenridge Condos
  4. Walker’s Choice Town Homes and South Valley Park  (between 4 & 5) Walker’s Run, tributary to Whetstone Run
  5. Retention pond below Woodland Hills HOA
  6. Woodland Hills HOA
  7. Heron’s Cove Condos
  8. South Valley Park ball fields
  9. Watkins Mill Elementary School and ball fields
  10. Windbrooke Condos
  11. Clusters I of Stedwick HOA, Watkins Mill Dr.
  12. Whetstone Run (at Watkins Mill Rd., under 1997 bridge)
  13. Blohm Park ( City of Gaithersburg)
  14. Montgomery Meadows HOA
  15. Clusters II of Stedwick HOA
  16. Gatlin Dr. of Seneca-Whetstone HOA 
  17. Game Preserve Rd of Seneca-Whetstone HOA
  18. The Ridges of Stedwick HOA
  19. Great Seneca Creek (500+ ft. bridge to be built in parkland)

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