Transit Alternatives to Mid-County Highway Extended

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Building new, expensive roads won’t solve our traffic problems — and will take valuable money away from real solutions like transit. 
So why is Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) pushing forward a major new highway project called M83 (the Midcounty Highway Extended)?
On Wednesday, August 7th was a very important public hearing on the next steps for this major sprawl highway. Your voice can still be heard to stop this destructive project. Write to county officials today! >>
M83 first showed up in area master plans of northern Montgomery County in the 1960s, and would be a 6-lane controlled-access highway parallel to I-270. Its stated goal is providing traffic relief between Clarksburg and Gaithersburg. 
But there are many reasons why this massive road project is a bad idea and hasn’t been built in the 50 years it’s been on the books. It would:

  • Destroy valuable farmland, parklands, wetlands, and natural areas
  • Induce more traffic, air pollution, and carbon emissions
  • Divide existing communities. 

Not to mention that it fails to solve the problem: MCDOT’s own projections show just as many traffic-jammed intersections if it builds M83 as if it makes minor improvements to existing roadways!Take action: Click here to tell the County to say no to M83. >>
The Coalition for Smarter Growth is working with an incredible coalition called Transit Alternatives to the Midcounty Highway Extended (TAME). TAME has worked bravely for years to stop M83 from destroying our neighborhoods and natural resources.
TAME is tireless, but they need our help right now to tip the scales in favor of a sustainable future for Montgomery County. Write to county officials now. >>

Thanks for standing with us!

Kelly Blynn
Coalition for Smarter Growth

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