Transit Alternatives to Mid-County Highway Extended

Councilmember George Leventhal Against M-83

Received Tues, Oct 16, 2012

Dear TAME,
Thank you for your message regarding Transportation Policy Area Review (TPAR) and funding for M-83. I am not happy with the TPAR proposal. I am not persuaded that the public benefits it will provide justify the cumbersome implementation it requires. The Planning, Housing and Economic Development (PHED) Committee, on which I serve, has held several meetings to discuss it. These meetings have not allayed my concerns. I am working on a proposal to this effect, but it may not be ready before we must vote on TPAR in mid-November.  

Regarding M-83, while in the past I have kept an open mind about the desirability of this roadway, I have come to the conclusion that we can’t afford it. There are no funds for it that can be transferred to other projects.  The state Transportation Trust Fund is broke and the county’s bonding capacity is spoken for. Many other projects are a higher priority, including the Corridor Cities Transitway, the widening of I-270 and the express bus lanes on 355. We should be honest with the public: M-83 isn’t going to be built.

Warm Regards,
George Leventhal

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