Transit Alternatives to Mid-County Highway Extended

Coalition for Smarter Growth Joins TAME

We welcome the Coalition for Smarter Growth to TAME!

The CSG writes in their Choices For Our Region column:

What Makes Traffic Worse?

Too often, transportation decisions are made in isolation from a thoughtful land use plan.  Examples of the “Bad and the Ugly” in local transportation projects have been:

  • Widening roads to fix congestion (More lanes just bring more traffic)
  • The Outer Beltway and its many segments (ICC, Western Bypass, Techway, Etc.)
  • I-81 8-lane expansion
  • 11th Street 12 lane bridge expansion
What Can Reduce Traffic?
There are many ways to reduce the demand on our roads and provide more options for how we move around.
Core Principles:
  • Integrate transportation with land use planning.
  • Fix-it-first – invest in maintenance and operation of existing roads and transit.
  • Invest in public transportation.
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