Transit Alternatives to Mid-County Highway Extended

Quotables – “Building M-83 Registers No Economic Growth”

The TAME Coalition represents 35 organizations made up of 17,000 citizens – from home/condo associations, political action committees, state and county elected officials, environmental groups and religious communities. More organizations and individuals are joining the Coalition weekly to speak with one united voice. 

Our message to the Council tonight is this: Put money into transit to propel the County into economic development and growth.  There are three 21st century transit systems waiting to be fully approved for implementation in Montgomery County: Purple Line, CCT and BRT.  All three would provide county infrastructure crucial to setting the stage for a stronger economy.  Building M-83 registers no economic growth.

You have already heard from hundreds of citizens living along the proposed alternative routes for Mid-County Highway Extended who don’t want this road to go through their properties.  From Germantown down through Montgomery Village, the Council has heard residents’ voices say loud and clear for three decades: “Remove this highway. We don’t want it to be built.  M-83 would disturb our home setting and ruin our property values.” 
If this county’s direction is toward economic development and growth, then why are millions of dollars being spent, for a third time, on studying the building of Mid-County Highway Extended–a highway design which is outdated?  Is this the right priority for spending the County’s limited transportation dollars?
The TAME Coalition recommends the County Council reallocate dollars now being spent on studying M-83, to help fast-track the completion of the Purple Line, CCT and BRT.  Make it a CIP budget priority to build a state-of-the-art public transit system in Montgomery County, before any more dollars are spent on studying new highways.

Margaret Schoap
(testimony given at public hearing 
to the Montgomery Co. Council, Feb 5, 2012)

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