Transit Alternatives to Mid-County Highway Extended

McDOT Watch

Contractors for McDOT are making their rounds along the various alternatives to “evaluate potential measures to avoid, minimize and mitigate any impacts to YOUR property.”  The consulting companies sited along the route are: RK&K Engineering, Straughan Environmental, Elizabeth Anderson Comer Archaeology, and Paula Reed and Associates.  Their most recent visit has been to Dayspring Retreat Center in mid-Nov, where alternatives 8 & 9 were in their sights.

We’ll keep you better informed through McDOT Watch when similar studies are being done in your neighborhood.  Here are three recommendations when noticing M-83 contractors along the proposed route:

1) Make a point to talk with them about your opinion on building such a road in that location
2) Send an email, or write a letter, to the Montgomery County Council ( telling them to stop spending millions on studying a road designed after the U.S. Interstate Highway Sytem.
3) Keep TAME Coalition informed

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